Blockchain / ICO Advisory

Blockchain / ICO Advisory & Development Services
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    Distributed Network:
    Blockchain is a distributed network in which nodes can execute transactions of value, without the need of intermediaries to guarantee for it.
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    Underline Technologies:
    Blockchain is based on cryptography and digital signature technologies, which have proven to be highly reliable and secure.
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    Incentive Economics:
    Blockchain is not only technology. It has embedded game theory and incentive economics to build tamper-proof consensus mechanisms for transaction validation.
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  • Blockchain Advisory:

Do I really need a Blockchain to improve my business? Why? How do I go about developing a blockchain solution? Who can help me carry out a Blockchain project?

  • Blockchain Awareness:

What is a Blockchain? What is an ICO? What should I watch out for in the Blockchain ecosystem? Which are the underlying technologies and how do they work?

  • Blockchain Functional Training:

How do I write a blockchain business plan or whitepaper? Which skills should my blockchain team have? What are typical KPIs in a blockchain project?

  • Industry Checksum:

Who are the main actors in the blockchain ecosystem? What magnitude of volumes are being transacted on blockchains? Which are the main blockchain services available?

  • Crypto Regulation Outlook:

What legal aspects should I take care of in pursuing an ICO? Why should I build a blockchain project in Switzerland or Singapore, instead of my own country?

  • ICO Advisory:

How do I go about funding my brilliant idea through an ICO? Is my idea good for an ICO? What do investors look at in evaluating whether to put their money in an ICO?

  • ICO Development:

Who can build my Proof of Concept? Who can write my whitepaper? Who can take care of the marketing and communication aspects of the ICO?

  • Full Blockchain Solution Development:

The answers to all of the above questions and more to get your blockchain project off the ground and running!