Governance, Risk, Compliance

Assurance & Security

GRCAS to keep data safe and under control

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    A solid governance structure that doesn’t stifle innovation and allows to control business and IT processes will improve communication flows, informing better decision making, strengthen the enterprise perimeter against malicious behaviors and reduce audit and compliance costs.
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    Being able to preemptively identify and successfully manage risk can greatly reduce the costs resulting from negative events and improves the ability to predict financial performance by protecting it. Data, and innovative tools and skills to manage it, are key to effective risk management and control.
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    Technology is evolving at unprecedented pace, often changing the de-facto rules by which businesses played. Regulations are catching up with technological advances, and it is not simple to keep up with the evolution of the regulatory landscape, but failure to do so can result in heavy fines and bad publicity.
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    Being able to certify certain practices is often a mandatory condition to do business, other times it qualifies the company as a trusted partner, reducing transaction costs and enabling new business quickly.
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    Data is today’s gold and as such it is targeted by malicious actors who improve their ability to harm on a daily basis. We need strong and constantly improving cybersecurity and information security solutions in places to protect our business, partners and clients from data thefts and service disruptions.
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